From my private clients:


jules“Working with Kathryn was an unforgettable experience.  I usually dread shopping but Kathryn’s guidance made this process enjoyable and easy.  It was more than just a shopping experience it was a personal transformation that has made me feel more confident and successful in my business. I highly recommend working with Kathryn, her easy going professional approach creates amazing results. Love your new website!” ~ JL



praise_imagedr“Kathryn is a wonderful professional who listened to who I was and helped me create a wardrobe that made me feel like my best self. She went through my closet piece by piece and showed me how I could add a “wow” factor with just some basic color and style changes.  Not only does she make you feel comfortable walking in, she makes you look fabulous walking out and the added bonus; working with her is wildly fun!” ~ DR



praise_imagepvw“Working with Kathryn to upgrade my image has been a life changing experience. Her experience and knowledge in fashion were instantly evident, and she made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. I can now go out in confidence knowing that I truly am ‘dressed for success!” ~ PVW




praise_imagebm“Making the transition from a military officer to corporate executive was a breeze thanks to Kathryn. Positive, and immensely talented, Kathryn steered me to several staple pieces and then helped me choose shirts and accessories that reflected my personality while still looking very stylish! I am ready for my next round with Kathryn! I get such a kick out of how easy it is  to choose clothing with her guidance. I am not a shopper, but even I enjoy it with her methodology. I also, love her makeup lessons, especially the compliments I receive!!!!” ~ BM



Tom Conley 2“Working with Kathryn was a very rewarding experience. Her approach was subtle, and yet her suggestions gave me a dramatic improvement and new-found confidence in my experience. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a change.” ~ TC




praise_imagelf“I usually shop by myself and it can be an intimidating, hit-or-miss experience, resulting in some costly shopping mistakes that hang in my closet unworn. When I shopped with Kathryn, the experience became a refreshing, eye-opening and comforting one.  Kathryn pulled some great, sassy skirts for me in sizes and lengths that I would never have chosen and the feedback I got from the women around me was “fabulous!” ~ LF



Meet Diana ~ “I spent the first 25 years of my life in Upstate NY and with that comes a certain sense of fashion. Then I moved to New York City and everything I knew about my look and fashion sense became obsolete. I knew I needed an image reboot.

I was then recommended to see/meet/consult with Kathryn and what an experience it was. We met early one Saturday morning and then all of a sudden five hours had gone by; that still wasn’t enough time in my opinion. She was very patient with me and was very knowledgeable about updating my look. I’ll be honest; I’m one of those people who go into a store with plan: grab it, buy it, get out as fast as possible.

Kathryn made the shopping experience quite enjoyable. She is a wonderful person to not only give you her advice, but also to just talk as a friend. After our trip, she later sent an email with an overview of everything we had gone over, including those items we were unable to get to, so that I may further work on my look while in the city. She is amazing and I couldn’t recommend her enough.” ~ Diana

Meet Ann MacKay ~ “I had the pleasure of meeting Kathryn to have her help me with a closet make-over. What an invigorating and emotional experience this was! Over six garbage bags later, I was elated with new direction that I saw myself going! Kathryn’s warm approach was instrumental at making me feel at ease: to be honest with what and why I had clothes that were old and out dated and why, but why, was I wearing a certain style anyway at 52 years of age?! Kathryn was instrumental in helping to erode deep-rooted inhibitions of how to dress and discover a new comfort in dressing and shopping with a fresh direction! Thank you Kathryn for giving me a refreshing and renewed enthusiasm for a lighter step in my life!” ~ Ann MacKay, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

From my business & corporate clients:


coldwatercreekGlenda Boyer, General Manager of Orvis’ Flagship Store “So much of how we experience our life is through nonverbal means, and finding and expressing our own style weaves its way through moments in every day that can lift us up and inspire others.  We all can be open to being our best…for ourselves and everyone we engage with.  Thank you for caring about helping folks feel better about themselves.”

Ann MacKay, Office Manager from Dr. Drummond’s Office “Kathryn has made a significant difference in the presentation and consciousness of our office staff! There is a different pride and people notice nuances compared to before meeting Kathryn. In fact, when someone is wearing something that looks particularly good on someone, it is often called, “wearing a Kathryn” or putting it together “like Kathryn!”

Susan Groesbeck, Store Manager of Coldwater Creek “Once again Kathryn Mademann has translated foolproof outfitting with easy to coordinate basics.  She shows how to create a go-to wardrobe that is flexible and has long-lasting classic style. I love that she gets that putting on a flattering ensemble will boost your confidence and have you feeling good today!”

“Thank you for the opportunity to share our positive experience with your “On Trend” makeover TV program. As one of the apparel sponsors for your show I was able to see how you evaluated the professional and personal needs of each individual. For individuals who are considering a makeover I would say that there are three parts to the makeover process:

 First you evaluated their style frustrations and the look they wanted to achieve. You showed each lady to look past the now and see the possibilities. You achieved this by listening intently and then using that information to fulfill the vision it created. The college professor wanted a change her dowdy look and a recent college graduate wanted to learn how to dress more as a professional and less bohemian.

Secondly you pulled together a variety of complete outfits to show off the best features. Using accessorizing tips, whether it was layering a jacket or how to best use a belt or scarf they learned how to create a look they could duplicate easily.

The third chapter was the confidence and joy chapter. It was always wonderful to see the lady when she returned from having her hair makeover and makeup update. It was amazing to see the transformation in her looks. Each person returned with a polished glow that you only possess when you feel good about yourself.

I believe your gift is the ability to facilitate that in others, and teach them how to continue to focus on their best features.

I enjoyed the conversations we had when we evaluated the execution of makeover. Your pride came from their involvement in the process and knowing those ladies were assured to maintain their belief in themselves long after the program aired. As a result of participating in “On Trend” we had customers looking for items used on the show.

Best of luck in future ventures, we would be proud to have our brand represented in connection with any project you may have.”

From Workshop Attendees


“Kathryn’s personal style workshops are so much fun. She doesn’t just talk about how to clean out your closet and piece together a “Wow” wardrobe, she shows you how. She comes stocked with racks filled with great clothing from local stores and pulls together gorgeous outfit after outfit before your eyes. Everyone in the room is riveted and all you hear are the oohs and aahs of inspired women.” ~ LF

“It was fun being at your presentation last night! I thought it was very informative and exciting! It made me aware of the colors that I should be wearing versus the dark colors that I currently wear. I liked how you proved that a color can make such a difference in a person’s appearance.  Also, you made a great point about the dark-colored coats and jackets that we tend to wear. Vermont winters are usually long and gloomy enough, without adding our drab-colored outerwear to the scene. Bright colors give off a more positive, uplifting feeling which we can all use during the winter months. I am looking forward to brightening up my wardrobe.

It was easy to stay focused on what you were saying because watching you, the instructor, was fun because you come across as a powerful, sophisticated woman who looks dynamite! Obviously it’s because you take care of yourself and care about your appearance.” ~  JoAnne

“I thought last night was VERY informative and a blast!! I know Lisa, Joanne and Veronica enjoyed as well……All the sharing of ideas and chatting after the end of the workshop also added to the night…..I will tell you, Lisa Souls and I have emailed back and forth about last night and we both are talking about so much good info rolling around in our heads and how are we going to make this happen…….Clothes closet here I come!  The only other subject I would like to see discussed more in-depth would be jewelry….I am  not too much of a scarf person so would appreciate some ideas of WOWing it up with jewelry.” ~ Nancy

“First I had a great time.  I thought the space was inviting and the clothing options presented were something I could see myself in.  My takeaway is to truly go through y closet and have that moment of opportunity and closure and hopefully still have a few items to wear around. I will be shopping with a different set of eyes. Thank you” ~ Lisa 

“I always enjoy your presentations and come away with new ideas.  You never disappoint! I look forward to your next adventure and am always eager to learn.  Let’s be sure to keep in touch.” ~ Gay

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